Whether we are facing a personal crisis and need immediate assistance, or we just want to spend time with people who care about us, relationships play a critical role in how we function in our day-to-day life.

A support system is often identified as a key component of solid relationships and strong psychological health, and having a strong support system has many benefits including;

  •  Higher levels of well-being
  • Better coping skills
  •  Reducing depression, anxiety and stress
  • Just being there for us when we are in need and more.


Is support always there?

Have you ever been let down by someone who should have been a pillar of support in your time of need?

What constitutes ‘strong support’?

How can we build a strong support system?

How do we serve as a form of support for others?

These among many others are the conversations we had. As always, our seminars aim to help us discover healthy strategies of managing our emotions, strengthening positive relationships and also boosting our mental health and well-being.