About Us

After losing her beloved husband to COVID-19 in the United Kingdom, during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and with no reference points for this kind of loss, our convener, Princess Folaji Fasanya-Omoyeni, experienced unspeakable trauma and grief. Furthermore, this loss exposed the real effects of bereavement, stigma, stereotype, negative traditions and biases associated with widowhood in the Nigerian culture and in Africa. African Wonder Women Organisation (AWWO) was birthed in her place of deep pain and trauma.

We rely on support and donations from individuals, private organisations in the UK, and Africa. 

Our Why:

African Wonder Women is an agile, and innovative global initiative of influence committed to changing socio-cultural practices of injustice, discrimination and exploitation associated with widowhood in African communities.

Our Mission:

Our mission is achieved via live projects that enable African Widows to transition to a lifetime of fulfilment by:

  1. – Easing the trauma of widowhood, advocating, and promoting the rights of African Widows
  2. – Fostering practical solutions to challenging issues for the benefit and improvement of African widows’ lives

Our Proposed Widows’ Programmes

• Initiative for widows impacted by a loss.
• Financial independence for widows
• Challenging inequality for widows
• Initiative for work and economic growth for widows
• Action for challenging African socio-cultural practices of injustice against widowhood
• African widows transitioning to a lifetime of fulfilment
• Conferences, seminars, symposia, and networking events for widows

Our Proposed Children and Families Programmes

• Initiative for children impacted by a loss
• Health and well-being for children of widows
• Supporting families for a successful and productive life after loss