This month, African Wonder Women Organisation CIC continue our focus of taking a deep dive into the realm of creativity with the theme,


Date: 28 April 2024

Time: 2:00 pm – 6 pm

Venue: Arts Central,
20, Burners Lane,
Kiln Farm,
Milton Keynes MK11 3HB


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Join us as we explore the profound ways in which art, expression, and innovation can give voice to the unspoken, challenging emotional and mental wellness issues.

– Guest Speakers
– ⁠Food
– ⁠Drinks
– ⁠Music
– ⁠Creative Exhibition
– ⁠Networking



Princess Folaji is a distinguished STEM woman, serial entrepreneur, a transformation and confidence coach, and a dedicated servant leader with a multifaceted career. She excels as an IT Lead Consultant, boasting an extensive techno-functional expertise garnered over years of experience within diverse sectors including; education, government, finance, health, advertising, marketing, manufacturing, automobile, and IT consulting amongst others. Her professional journey is marked by significant contributions to both public and private organisations.

A fervent advocate for African women and heritage, Princess actively promotes the African continent’s culture, fashion, arts, crafts, languages, dance, and music. She is the CEO of BISFOM TECH SERVICES LTD, a digital technology firm established in 2019, she oversees a company that is fully registered and operational within the United Kingdom.

Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, she is the founder and convener of LADIES MINGLE, a networking group focused on fostering digital skills, business acumen, career advancement, and confidence among women and young girls. Her exceptional leadership and community service have earned her 20 awards and recognitions to date. Princes Folaji is a widow and mother to two amazing young men.



Zandi Hamilton is a Mental Health Advocate, Certified Life Coach and founder of ‘Beyond The Shade’, with a background in IT.

Driven by personal experiences and of those close to her, Zandi is passionate about raising mental health awareness in the ethnic minority communities. Zandi is a widow and mother.



Jumoke Shodimu is an IT consultant, a published author with an avid interest in writing poetry and fashion designing.

Jumoke is passionate about all matters concerning the youth and volunteers with youth clubs. She also loves to dance African dance.


Beatrice believes women are uniquely created to be amazing. With a 1st degree in BSc. Economics, an MBA and over 18 years’ experience in the telecommunications Industry, she has made a choice to fulfill her purpose 

Beatrice is a positive change agent and leads by example transcending into Program and Portfolio management working with C-level across industry helping organizations to achieve their long-term strategic goals 

Beatrice decided to embark on her Mary Kay journey to fulfill her purpose of empowering women in the workplace and to leave a legacy. Within 10 months, moved up the career path to become a Top Mary Kay director.  

Beatrice is a passionate people builder, coach, and mentor. She uses her expert skincare product knowledge and skills to inspire confidence in others. Beatrice is authoring her story and inspiring everyone to do the same.


Cllr. Victoria Bamisile is an accomplished professional with a diverse background, dedicated to achieving excellence. Embracing her British and Nigerian heritage, she draws from extensive experience in the health and education sectors, holding a Master’s Degree in Early Years Education and degrees from University College London and London South Bank University.

As the Deputy Nursery Manager in Milton Keynes, Victoria serves as the Special Educational Needs Lead and behavior coordinator, ensuring the well-being of children with diverse needs. Her leadership skills and commitment to transformative change demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of effective early childhood leadership.

As the visionary entrepreneur behind BIBI Snacks UK, Victoria showcases the cultural richness of Africa. Her exceptional professionalism, extensive expertise, and genuine passion for serving others are evident in her unwavering dedication, making her a shining example of a professional making a positive difference in the lives of others. She inspires others to pursue their dreams and contribute meaningfully to the world.


Anita Quansah is a bespoke jewellery curator from UK. She is also a textile graduate from Chelsea College of art and design London. Since graduating, she has been working to develop and promote recycled textile, by creating one off intricate pieces for fashion and interior.

She has been involved with the fashion industry, collaborating and creating unique embroidered textile pieces for some of the leading textile and fashion design houses such as Christian Lacroix, DKNY, Diane Von Furstenberg, Ischiko, Victoria Secret, Ecko and textiles Weisbrod Zurrer and Sandy Starkman. She has collaborated with Christian Lacroix, designing and embroidering pieces that featured on the runway for the Haute Couture show.

As well as designing and collaborating with fashion designers, she gradually progressed into fashion and jewellery design, creating playful, expressive and unusual one-off pieces which have been well received and sold to countless clients whom are seeking for pieces that are unusual yet stylish.

Her neck pieces/necklaces are inspired by her passion for creativity, travel, love of nature, art, fashion, and music of past and present generation.

Each bespoke piece from her collection is a curation of varying reclaimed parts of vint.