Get Ready for the Ultimate Relationship Reality Check!!

Ever wondered if love can survive without the over-the-top romantic drama? We are exposing the real deal behind building thriving relationships at our Ladies mingle Valentines meet-up. No rose-colored glasses needed, so whether you’re single, married, taken, separated, widowed or not searching, Join us!

Stewarding this conversation would be our delectable guest speaker, Duchess Iphiem the ‘Intimacy Strategist’.

We will be discussing all things:

Real love vs. Fairy tales

Masculine and Feminine energy

Love languages

Bedroom matter etc.



Interactive Q/A



and lots more!

Come by yourself, with your friends, colleagues or partner and get ready to have unconventional fun.


Duchess Iphie is a qualified psychosexual therapist with a focus on Relationships, Sex and Intimacy. She is the founder of Duchess Secrets™️, The Intimacy Cards and The Intimacy Guide. She has written for The Daily Mail, Metro, Cosmopolitan and been a guest on the Cosmopolitan podcast. She is a mum of two children and believes intimacy is the overarching key to a great relationship (romantic or platonic).