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Why Attend?

  • Learn practical goal-setting techniques to overcome stress and anxiety.
  • Gain insights on creating a dynamic roadmap for personal and professional success.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals on a journey towards positive change.
  • Partake in a 45-min guided session on vision boarding
  • Partake in interactive discussions and personalised goal-setting exercises.

Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone seeking proactive solutions for managing stress and anxiety.
  • Goal-oriented individuals striving for a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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Fola is a versatile leader and a co-founder of Career Clinic UK. She is also the visionary founder of Woman at Bethany Ministry, an interdenominational Christian organisation. Fola is an author, a licensed career counsellor, a business consultant, and a dynamic public speaker dedicated to helping people discover their God-given gifts and talents, enhancing skills for the industry, and inspiring her listeners to pursue excellence by applying biblical principles. In addition to her spiritual work, she is a Transformation Consultant in the Digital Health Sector, leveraging her expertise in Nutrition Science, Information Technology, and an MBA.


Princess Folaji is a distinguished STEM woman, serial entrepreneur, a transformation and confidence coach, and a dedicated servant leader with a multifaceted career. She excels as an IT Lead Consultant, boasting an extensive techno-functional expertise garnered over years of experience within diverse sectors including; education, government, finance, health, advertising, marketing, manufacturing, automobile, and IT consulting amongst others. Her professional journey is marked by significant contributions to both public and private organisations.

A fervent advocate for African women and heritage, Princess actively promotes the African continent’s culture, fashion, arts, crafts, languages, dance, and music. She is the CEO of BISFOM TECH SERVICES LTD, a digital technology firm established in 2019, she oversees a company that is fully registered and operational within the United Kingdom.

Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, she is the founder and convener of LADIES MINGLE, a networking group focused on fostering digital skills, business acumen, career advancement, and confidence among women and young girls. Her exceptional leadership and community service have earned her 20 awards and recognitions to date.