Following bereavement or a traumatic experience, anxiety, depression and anger may take over and affect our overall health negatively.

GRATITUDE can help train our brain, so we begin to notice and appreciate the little things in life. This mindset can in turn increase our happiness, mood, overall wellbeing and life satisfaction tremendously.

This session fueled participants to start the year 2023 on a solid note.



Rachel Bammeke, also known as ‘Grateful Rachel’ is a mother and a wife. She is a qualified teacher and has been successfully running Thurrock Tuition Centre since 2005.

Her passion for women’s emotional well-being developed over the years; she is known to be a source of strength and support for women who face varying challenges in their lives. She is the founder of Women Empowering Projects, a non-profit organisation that aims to provide a place of respite where women come to be elevated above their challenges, inspired to be the change, and rejuvenated for life’s journey.

She has successfully organised various events to bring like-minded women together to encourage and support them at different levels. The most popular is the yearly Gratitude party. She coaches and mentors women on how to find joy and light in dark and gloomy seasons.

She is an author of two books; ‘Bounce Back, Turning Trials Into Triumph’ and ‘Gratitude Journal For Christian Women’. She’s also the producer of ‘The Bounce Back Show’ on YouTube. She believes in making fitness a lifestyle which gave birth to, ‘Get Fit With Grateful Rachel Community’, where she motivates and supports women to invest in their health and wellbeing.

In her spare time, she loves shopping, travelling, going out, and meeting new people.