Trauma plays a natural role in the circle of life, but as anyone who has experienced the severe trauma or loss of a loved one can testify – there’s nothing that feels ‘natural’ about emotional pain and loss.

According to research, a third of people will feel the impact on both their mental and physical health in the first year following the loss of a loved one and for some, this could be longer.

No one is prepared to lose someone they love or trauma of any kind. Moving on after the severe trauma feels like an impossible task.

When all you want to do is wallow, how can you possibly think of moving on with your life?

 How long does it take to move on after death of spouse?

 How does one live or a life-changing trauma?

 Can you find joy again?

 Can your finances recover?

These questions and more formed the core of the conversations held by our ever gracious and delectable facilitators.



Facilitator: Zandi Hamilton

Zandi Hamilton is a Mental Health Advocate, Certified Life Coach and founder of ‘Beyond The Shade’, with a background in IT.

Driven by personal experiences and of those close to her, Zandi is passionate about raising mental health awareness in ethnic minority communities.

Zandi is a widow and mother.


Guest Speaker: Tokunbo Osunbayo

Tokunbo Osunbayo is an Empowerment Life Guide with over 20 years experience in the personal development industry.

She is a Project Lead and Senior Employment Adviser in her day job and is an experienced serial entrepreneur.

She acts as a Money Mentor for her place of work, running regular training for staff.

She runs a women’s community tagged ‘Women Elevating Women’ since 2015 where she hosts live business events supporting women in life, careers and business.

Tokunbo is a speaker who shares her expertise on money, empowerment and living life as it’s meant to be.

Tokunbo has been a widow since 2019 and is the mother of 3 amazing children.